Trade Merchants: a dream was born 4 years ago. We discovered eBay. We started trading, We made lots of money! Along the way though, we found lots of holes and missing gaps in the eBay system. We developed software solutions to fill these gaps. We developed and developed. Until we had some awesome solutions.

We used to spend 4 hours processing just a handful of orders a day! The same amount gets processed in JUST 30 minutes now with the help of our software. We decided to develop our software further so that we could share with the world. We’ve been guilty of perfecting – but we’re just about there now – ready to release the first versions.

Along the way, we became master traders – we learned the art of running a smooth ecommerce operation efficiently and professionally. We developed further tools to go hand in hand with our eBay software. The result was magic.

We gave our software to a few well chosen traders. The feedback: wow! But we had questions – loads of questions. We had to give training. We’d have to answer the same questions and give the SAME training multiple times repeatedly again and again! We realised, the world needed training. We started writing our training course. This is nearly finished now.

Date: the year is 2010. WOW, how time has flown past. We’re getting ready to launch. We’ll make a splash. A big one. A giant one. We’ll get noticed and become over night super stars… well… OK… we think we’ll change the eBay forever at least – we’ll improve and turn it on it’s head.

Big words of ambition – time will tell if we succeed with our plans: watch this space.

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