eBay is a world that exists on its own. It has rules and regulations that need to be mastered. There are rules of the jungle and then there hidden rule – tricks of the trade.

Trading on eBay is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. Your own webstore? Or maybe Amazon? The rules of the game are different on eBay – it’s a whole different ball game.

We have a world’s first service: eBay Consultancy

We’ll teach EVERYTHING you need to know about eBay – and a whole lot more – in fact, the eBay part only represents 50% of what we’ll show you. The other 50% concentrates on ripping apart your sales operation – everything from design to packing posting to cross selling. None of it is rocket science + no thinking required on your part – just a series of simple rules to follow and obey to become King of the Jungle on eBay. We’ll create a machine for you to replace your new operation – something that will be lean and mean and FAST and allow you to give superior performance and service to your customers.

We’ll teach you how to manipulate the rules laid down by eBay (and there are a LOT of these) and use them to your advantage. When we’re finished with you, eBay will love you for following their rules and bringing in MUCH more business and your customers will love you because of your superior service and lighting fast operation and delivery given.

Our eBay Consultancy service is only meant for very large sellers.

You might be an existing large seller – challenge us to improve your operation and we promise we’ll help you make MORE money while SAVING on hundreds of hours a MONTH!

Or, you might be an existing large retailer with running operations. We’ll teach you how you can literally over night jump onto eBay and generate 1000’s of extra sales a month. We’ll teach you how to integrate into your existing sales channels and make sure you still have a smooth operation.

Our eBay Consultancy service prices will start at £5000. This includes subscription to our software, shop and listing re-design and 1 or 2 days training on how to use our systems with eBay to maximise output and performance. If you’re a smaller business, then one of our hands on training courses will be most appropriate, please see our courses page, click here.

If you’re interested in getting an eBay Consultation, then please feel free to give us a call on 020 7193 7861.

Or feel free to fill in the form below and make contact with us – one of our expert eBay Consultants will be in touch shortly.