When it comes to design and eBay: we really are masters of the universe, second to none.

Judge us by our examples – coming soon.

Our design comes out of not being fantastic designers and programmers (which, we are of course) – but comes more because of our UNDERSTANDING of eBay and how it works and WHY it works.

[dropcap1]1[/dropcap1]We’ll give you an amazing fresh design – something that really works – something wit great design and layout – something with great interactivity – something that delivers a great sales experience to your customers – something that cross sells in ways you’d never imagine!

[dropcap1]2[/dropcap1]Using our software, creating one of your stunning designed listings we’ve created for you will take just a few minutes – how fast can you type and click a mouse button!? Your listings will have MANY interactive components that will help deliver a dream sales experience for your customers.

[dropcap1]3[/dropcap1]We’ll create a shop that will help you compliment your listings and reinforce the sales message. Your shop and sales listings will boast video and give the edge over other sellers in winning sales.

eBay can be considered like the old Wild West – there’s golden nuggets and huge fortunes to be made out there. The great thing is – it’s actually easy peasy lemon squeezy! eBay is cluttered with sellers who have no clue what their doing – yet, they’re making lots of money with the most appalling eBay sales listings and shops you’ll ever see!!

By having a great designed shop, from day 1 you’ll have an edge over other sellers and will IMMEDIATELY rank with giant sellers selling on eBay already!

Our design prices start from as low as £500 + have a subscription to our listing software included.

We’ll give a lot more details of our offerings shortly as we update our website. In the meantime, if you’d like to be one of the first to use our service at highly subsidised prices (only available for a very limited time – honest, not joking!), then fill in the form below and leave us your details.